Description: Description: Losing Face front cover FINAL"As I read her book, I looked and looked and she covered all aspects of Picker’s dimensions of care.” (Jona Raasch, CEO of The Governance Institute)

“I was reminded once again of the enormous privilege that is granted to medical professionals in working with patients such as Kathy and how beneficial it can be, to both doctor and patient, to foster a patient-centred, rather than procedure-centred approach. This should be a recommended read for every medical and allied Health Science student and any medical professional who works with trauma patients.” (Tristan De Chalain, FRACS)

“There are important lessons here for health professionals....Kathy has provided a powerful reminder of the humanity of both patients and clinicians, and of the nature of grief.” (Ron Paterson, Health and Disability Commissioner, NZ)

“You write beautifully and with such searing honesty, yet without judging yourself or others. It's a precious gift for all your readers”  (Dr. Robin Youngson, MD., Dir. Centre For Compassion In Healthcare)

“Many of the health professionals present had read her book and report that they have made changes in their approach to patients as a result.”  (Rhondda Paice, Trauma Coordinator, Auckland Hospital, Trauma Forum and National Injury Conference)

“In my area especially I will be referring to her book as a reference for the need for effective and appropriate communication….All medical professionals would benefit from reading this book” (Simon Kerr, Senior clinician and junior manager MMH)

“Reading Losing Face is eye opening. It focuses on the relationships and communication between the healthcare provider and the patient in New Zealand from hospital to community, from public to private facilities and is particularly relevant to pharmacists as they interact at all levels with patients who have been through life-changing trauma.” (New Zealand Pharmacy Journal, October, 2008)



“I just wanted to thank you for your words, work and preparedness to share your intimate journey through your book.... It spoke of so many things that I could say YES! To from my own journey too.….”

“Your whole premise about empowerment as a part of healing...and the medics responsibility to facilitate that, or at the very least, to not trample on it, was fabulous. And it came through from start to finish”

“I just sat down yesterday to read your wonderful and thought provoking story. I couldn't put it down.  What a time you went through and look how you came out at the other end. It is truly inspiring.”

“Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book. I have had similar experiences with the medical profession (especially in hospitals) although nothing to come anywhere near the sufferings and duration of sufferings you had.  It doesn't surprise me that all of your experiences have been life altering.  Thank you so much again for writing your story.”

“I read the book and I am amazed at the similarities in the experience, there are a lot of differences too, but the internal suffering sounds & feels very familiar.....The book has helped me to understand my own feelings of isolation and inner rage, feelings that I have otherwise had difficulty expressing...”.

 “I’ve just finished reading your story….wow! Literally could not put it down.”

“I just finished your book. I couldn’t put it down. Not only that, but it really left me thinking about all kinds of things when I didn’t have my nose in it.”

“…I found the book inspiring too. You showed the strength of the human spirit to survive, connect and flourish....Thank you so much for having the courage to open yourself up the way you did and get me to think about what is really important in life.”

“Reading it was like going on a journey - of self-discovery really.”

 “The book you have written about your life has simply amazed me. It shows that people who are going through their own hell can have hope that it will end and they will eventually come out into the sunshine alive and well, even if they are changed profoundly like you have been.”

“Extraordinary! You've written a very moving, compelling and well-crafted story. Much more than that: You've done a terrific job of transcending a horrific experience and transforming it into something of great value to anyone who can get past their knee-jerk discomfort about the subject matter……It really is a story of spiritual transformation, and has implications for anyone who would welcome guidance on that journey.”