Professional Endorsements The response to Kathy Torpie’s keynote presentations has repeatedly confirmed that healthcare professionals, managers, and payers are interested in learning from the patient experience, particularly when it is presented in a way that focuses on solutions. Kathy has found that the combination of personal narrative, medical studies and organizational theory is a powerful approach that engages both the heart and minds of clinicians and leaders because it addresses benefits that are clinical and financial, as well as personal.

Kathy has the endorsement of Dr.Fiona Godley (Editor in Chief of the British Medical Journal), Maureen Bisognano (President and CEO of IHI), Mark Stuart (BMJ Group and Director of the International Forum), Göran Henriks (Chief Executive of Learning and Innovation at Qulturum, a centre for quality, leadership and management development for health care on the regional and national level in Sweden), Jona Raasch (President, The Governance Institute and former CEO of NRC), Lynn Phillips (Senior Conference and Partnership Executive of The Governance Institute), Jason Wolf (President of The Beryl Institute), and Dr Robin Youngson (Director of Hearts in Healthcare) well as that of many of the men and women who care for patients every day.