Professionals seeking to improve patient satisfaction through a better understanding of the patient experience - while focusing on healthcare solutions for improved quality and safety - will gain valuable insights from Kathy Torpie’s unique dual perspective as a patient and healthcare professional.

Kathy Torpie is a psychologist, author and international Keynote speaker for healthcare conferences who has personally experienced healthcare services at almost every level of care. Her area of expertise is the patient experience and the role that interpersonal and communication skills play in the clinician/patient relationship and in relationships throughout the healthcare organization.

Kathy’s story and presentation style have engaged the attention of thousands of medical clinicians and leaders from around the world. She presents the patient experience directly, in the voice of a patient, incorporating professional psychological expertise, medical research and organizational theory.

Keynotes are focused on health care solutions for clinicians and management as well as for patients and their families. Using her experiences as a patient to demonstrate the essential role that interpersonal and communication skills play in every aspect of the patient experience, she shows how these same skills, when applied to relationships throughout the health care organization, deliver clinical, financial, operational, and personal benefits.

Included in Kathy’s presentations are the issues of patient safety, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction/retention, service excellence, quality improvement/patient care, recruitment, and the impact that communication and relationships across the organization will have on the future of healthcare.