About Losing Face: A Memoir of Lost Identity And Self Discovery


Description: Description: Losing Face front cover FINAL‘Losing Face’ tells the story of Kathy Torpie’s long journey of recovery as she struggles to cope with life changing multiple trauma following a head on collision with a drunk driver.

Kathy has experienced the health sector as a critical care patient, a long term in patient, a short term elective surgery patient, and as an outpatient - in public and private care. In 'Losing Face', she takes the reader on a journey through the alien and often terrifying world of the hospital as experienced by the patient. It is a deeply intimate view of the patient experience. One that is often hidden by more visible physical trauma.

As a patient, Kathy encountered a broad spectrum of health care professionals in a wide variety of circumstances in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. She was left with new insights about the powerful influence that the clinician/patient relationship can have on important clinical outcomes, on patient safety, and on patient satisfaction. Losing Face was written as an invitation to enter into the world of the patient and share in some of the discoveries Kathy made along the way about the medical and personal dimensions of the patient experience.
Medical professionals get a better understanding of the patient experience

Patients feel validated, understood, and inspired

Family members are better able to provide understanding and support.

“This should be a recommended read for every medical and allied Health Science student and any medical professional who works with trauma patients”